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They think it’s all over…

A community project with and for Maidstone United Football Club and its fans.

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here is where we meet (final image)

here is where we meet

A stage piece inspired by John Berger's book "here is where we meet".

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everyONE is looking for someONE

Two peculiar figures are wandering about, looking for each other. Would you be so kind as to help them?

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Why not stop for moment… Pause… Take a breath… Take a deep breath… Aren’t you feeling better already?

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i am small TLGSSFTIOE (4)

i am small THE WORLD IS BIG

A new version involving eight communities across Kent, culminating in an arts day that 'occupied' Kent County Hall.

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iam feature

i am small THE WORLD IS BIG v.1

This multilayered event aimed to stimulate the audience to investigate the relationship between the local and the global.

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