We are Accidental Collective, an interdisciplinary performance company based in Kent. With our roots in theatre and live art, we create innovative work that engages with people and places. We believe that accessible entertainment should go hand in hand with conceptual sophistication. We are drawn to notions of fragmentation, encounter, and multiplicity. Our work is always generous, participatory and visually striking – it has both a┬ábig heart and a strong mind.

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Next Show

They think it’s all over… (show premiere)
Gallagher Stadium, Maidstone
18th Oct 2014
  • We have been selected by FrancisKnight to deliver a commission working with Maidstone United Football Club and Kent Library & History Centre!
  • The project will culminate in a performance at the Gallagher Stadium, 18th October.
  • Check out our 'They think it's all over...' project diary