i am small THE WORLD IS BIG v.1

I am small THE WORLD IS BIG was designed as a platform for reflection. This multilayered event aimed to stimulate the audience to investigate the relationship between the local and the global, between our ‘little patch’ and the wider world, and the interconnected nature of social-political, economic, and environmental issues.

The piece was designed for the University of Kent’s Senate building (the institution’s metaphorical seat of power). The event was durational, lasting 14 hours in total. It mixed audience participation (live and via Skype) and task-based activities. The audience were invited to step into an unusual world and take a journey through a series of atmospheric environments. At the heart of the event was a “sweatshop“ of 30 people working in shifts to systematically cut up atlases, and stitch them back together in a new arrangement.

Performance Dates

i am small THE WORLD IS BIG v.1
Senate Building, University of Kent, Canterbury
Start Date: 26th Feb 2010
End Date: 27th Feb 2010

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Extra Information

This first version of i am small THE WORLD IS BIG was commissioned by the Gulbenkian Theatre for WorldFest.



Photos by ImagebyKatie & James Jefferys. Films by Charalambos Charalambous & Przemyslaw Konieczny.