Why not stop for moment… Pause… Take a breath… Take a deep breath… Aren’t you feeling better already?

Accidental Collective offers you the opportunity to take a little break, and step into a bubble of calm and relaxation. As an individual, or in pairs, you will be able to enjoy a soothing experience – just for you – that will leave you renewed, re-balanced and ready to face the world. Pause; offers you a wide menu of performative treatments – take your pick. This life-affirming and intimate experience will help you rid yourself of any nagging doubts or worries, refresh your perspective, or simply escape from the everyday hustle and bustle… We look forward to treating you.

Pause; was an intimate encounter for one or two audience members at a time which lasted 7 minutes and ran on a durational basis in public places.

Performance Dates

Derby Festé
Start Date: 25th Sep 2010
End Date: 26th Sep 2010
Folkestone Triennale 2011
25th Jun 2011
Gi20 London: Create Festival, Spitalfields
17th Jul 2011
Gi20 Stockton: Stockton International Riverside Festival
5th Aug 2011

What People Say...

Extra Information

Pause; began its life as a micro performance in a one man tent, with a bad pun for a title (Present Tents). We soon upgraded the performance to a better name and a more spacious white gazebo. It was redeveloped when it was selected to take part in the Gi20, a national showcase for new and emerging outdoor artists and projects.

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Photos ImagebyKatie and Daisy Orton. Film by Pablo Pakula.