everyONE is looking for someONE

Two peculiar figures are wandering about. Let us introduce them – meet One and the other One. They are professional Lookers, experts in the art of looking, and they have been at it a long old time. But even experts need a hand sometimes. Would you be so kind as to help them find each other? Keep your eyes peeled – because when they do meet they will be sure to surprise you!

everyONE is looking for someONE was an exuberant, touching and exciting show about the essential human drive to look for someone. Drawing on a variety of classic double acts, One and the other One were a thoroughly likeable pair and entertained people of all ages. Involving walkabout, interaction and moments of pop-up theatre, the piece could adapt to different contexts, whether urban or rural locations.

Performance Dates

everyONE is looking for someONE
Various fetes and festivals in and around Kent and Sussex.
Start Date: 1st Jun 2012
End Date: 27th Aug 2012
everyONE is looking for someONE
Fuse Festival, Chatham High St.
16th Jun 2012
everyONE is looking for someONE
Hastings Olympic Torch Celebrations
17th Jul 2012
everyONE is looking for someONE
Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (free shows around LPAC: 13:30, 14:45, 16:00)
5th Mar 2013

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Extra Information

everyONE is looking for someONE is currently available for outdoor events and festivals. It is infinitely flexible and can be adapted to most contexts. It is an entirely self-sufficient show – One and the other One arrive with everything in their suitcases! If you would like more information, please contact us (details below).

The piece began its life as an experimental work in progress which was shown at The Basement (Brighton) in June 2010. The piece was reworked as an outdoor piece of theatre for festivals and fêtes in 2012. It was supported and funded by Applause Outdoors 212 and PANeK.

Photos by David Turney, Peter Fry and Mel Davies.