here is where we meet


No one appreciates the detail of being alive more than the dead

As you draw a map of your life, you will see all the little lines are connected by the people you have met along the way. Some are present, others have come and gone. Some are still here, lingering like echoes.

here is where we meet is about living and making sense of what’s left behind when you’re gone. Weaving together John Berger’s extraordinarily vivid stories with their own, Accidental Collective have created a visually striking, rich and evocative piece of theatre. This show is a heartfelt attempt to sort through memories and fictions as if they were objects found in a dusty attic. here is where we meet opens up a meditative space for us to contemplate the here, the now, and the passing of things.

Performance Dates

here is where we meet
Marlowe Studio, Canterbury or 01227 787787.
Start Date: 19th Jun 2013
End Date: 22nd Jun 2013

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Extra Information

Inspired by John Berger’s book of the same title, this piece was a co-production with The Marlowe Studio as part of Accidental Collective’s year-long residency at The Marlowe Theatre. The piece also received vital funding from National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Check out the blog where we charted the initial stages of our devising process:

Click here for some videos we created as extra materials and as part of our process.

here is where we meet has been reviewed by The Public Reviews, Total Theatre, and The Void.

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