Collect Call

We waited for the tone. We dialled. We desperately clung to conversation. We lied. We left messages. We hung up and were hung up on. What happens when the phone rings? What if you don’t pick up? What if you do? Where will you be? How long will we be able to keep going?

Aiming to explore presence and absence, our expectations when communicating via telephone, and the vulnerability of intimacy, this durational piece was a non-narrative exploration of loneliness, technology, distance, and the power of fiction. The piece was aimed at two different audiences. The first experienced the performance over the telephone (numbers were collected through advertisements on the internet). The second witnessed the calls being made. The performance lasted 5 hours and a half without a break (18:00 – 23:30), reaching as far as Finland, Ohio and Singapore.


Performance Dates

Collect Call
University of Kent, Canterbury
2nd Oct 2005

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Extra Information

Photos taken by members of the live audience.