Continual Collection

Flirting with failure and teetering on collapse, this piece brought vaudeville to the 21st Century. It wholeheartedly embraced randomness and chance procedures. Taking the concept behind Ready, Steady, Cook as an inspiration, the performers relegated the responsibility for the content and the structure of the work. Throughout the devising process people were invited to submit an ‘ingredient’ for performance: a piece of text, music, an object or a specific action. Each ‘ingredient’ was the starting point for a short scene. This was the first participatory process that composed the work; the second involved the live audience. On stage there was little more than a series of numbered cardboard boxes of different sizes. The audience shaped the show by blindly choosing which boxes were opened and ‘performed’. No transitions. One box, then the next, and then another… The stage became messier and messier, the debris of previous scenes littering the space. Both performers and audience reveled in the joyful chaos and absurdity of it all.

Performance Dates

Continual Collection
Open Wide Festival, Leeds
16th Jun 2005
Continual Collection
Horsebridge Arts Centre, Whistable
9th Jun 2006
Continual Collection
New Wolsley Theatre, Ipswich
14th Jun 2006
Continual Collection
Whitechapel Gallery, London
23rd Jun 2006
Continual Collection
Wimbledon Studio, London
26th Jun 2006

Extra Information

Continual Collection was the first performance that Daisy and Pablo created together and was, in more ways that one, the reason that they formed Accidental Collective.

Photos by Mike Kwasniak & Rick Bolinger.