The Watching Game

What are you watching? Why do you keep watching? Who is watching who? Who is watching the watchers? Who is watching you?

This was our first large scale public event. For a total of seven hours, we used four shop windows and a café as venues. Originally focused on surveillance, the piece broadened its focus to include wider issues relating to watching and being watched: inside and outside; private and public; observer and observed; the public becoming performers; performers becoming spectators. Aiming to expose the general public (shoppers, tourists, and passersby) to a type of work they may not usually encounter, the piece invited conceptual reflexion in a playful and accessible way. Each individual experienced it in a different way, depending on his or her own route through the city. The café served as a point where the public could reflect on the piece and write down comments on what they had seen.


Performance Dates

The Watching Game
Five shop windows across Canterbury city centre.
28th Apr 2007

What People Say...

Extra Information

The Watching Game was funded by Kent County Council’s Arts Investment Fund.

Photos ImagebyKatie. Film by Richard Graham.