Postscript v.2

This piece reworked Postscript for the stage. With an imaginative use of objects and an unconventional approach to storytelling, it explored the deep recesses of our collective unconscious. This strongly visual piece borrowed heavily from cinematic language. Conjuring up stories told and retold, the piece confronted the audience with a barrage of broken narratives and images that somehow seemed familiar. The fragments lingered; they bumped into one another – a rose, a wineglass, a gun, a cowboy, a princess, a detective…

Our investigation into the roles played by the audience focused on Roland Barthes’ paradigm of the audience/reader as author and their agency in the construction of meaning. When brief fragments of performance are stripped of context and supporting narrative structures, what life do they have of their own? How will the audience read them and navigate the myriad of interpretations?

Performance Dates

artsdepot, London
3rd May 2009
Quarterhouse, Folkestone
6th Jun 2009

What People Say...

Extra Information

This second version of Postscript was funded by National Lottery Fund through Arts Council England.

Photos by Peter Fry. Films by Jason Brooks.