Postscript v.1


The audience entered and, drinks in hand, found their seats at one of the tables. One by one the lights were turned off by the performers…

What followed was a kaleidoscopic and highly charged piece where images, gestures and sounds, said more than words ever could. Taking place amongst the tables, the piece offered each small group of audience members a unique and intimate experience. Periods of total blackness were punctuated by disparate lights, performers engaged in voodoo-esque actions, dreamlike images rhythmically darted around, and shards of narratives collided with each other. The piece was something of a profane incantation, where the mysterious and the humorous inhabited the same space, and recognisable archetypes were conjured out of the darkness.

Performance Dates

Postscript v.1
Canterbury Fringe Festival, Bramley's Bar
22nd Oct 2008

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Extra Information

Postscript was created especially for Canterbury Fringe Festival. The following year, thanks to Arts Council funding, the piece was developed into a stage show.

Photos by Peter Fry.