Lost in Translation

This was a project based on psychogeography. We collaborated with young people across the U.K.: collecting impressions of their home cities, as well as expressions and slang words specific to their area. The collected materials were our stimuli to create a series of small performances and installations. Taking the persona of lost tourists, we embarked on a journey to map all of the cities across Canterbury; at each location we unpacked an installation or performed a short scene. When the project transferred to Liverpool’s St. George’s Hall (as part of the 2008 Capital of Culture celebrations), it was adapted to this indoor setting. We placed 17 suitcases around the buidling as lost luggage.  Each one contained a micro-installation representing on of the cities participating in Portrait of a Nation. Walking around on our own or as a group, we talked to the public, inviting them to write down thoughts, impressions and comments onto luggage tags, suitcases and costumes.

Performance Dates

Lost in Translation
Various locations across Canterbury city centre
21st Jun 2008
Lost in Translation
St. George's Hall (Liverpool)
1st Dec 2008

What People Say...

Extra Information

Lost in Translation was a commission from Canterbury City Council for Portrait of a Nation. The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and supported by Canterbury City Council and Liverpool Culture Company.

As part of the project we also created a series of postcards using some of the slang words collected:


Photos by George Sanders and Gavin McQuarrie.