Four walls. You. Us. This is a meeting. Face to face. How much can we get to know each other? How much will be true? How much will be a big fat lie?

This intimate piece was a ‘true’ meeting that existed entirely in the here-and-now. It investigated the similarities, differences, and contradictions between the performers’ lives, bodies, and those of the audience. Subverting and playing with the familiar frameworks of speed dating, the interrogation room and catholic confessionals, it was an exercise in the unrehearsable.

What does it mean to be here, in front of you, with our bodies, our hopes, our disappointments? Are you voyeurs? Are you collaborators? Or are you backstabbing saboteurs just waiting to see us trip up?

Performance Dates

Canterbury Fringe Festival, Fusion Bar
23rd Oct 2007
Eastbourne Festival, Great Best Western Hotel, Eastbourne
22nd Mar 2008

What People Say...

Extra Information

InBetween was reworked for Eastbourne Festival. Taking place in a function room of the Great Best Western Hotel on the seafront, the piece altered aesthetically and shifted focus in order to respond appropriately to this new setting.

Photos by Peter Fry & Rick Bolinger.